The Importance of Handmade

Is handmade an anachronism? Will there room in the future for the object lovingly and painstakingly crafted? Once the only option, technology and new materials have replaced many heritage crafts with machine made versions. Scissors, ladders, kitchen utensils, hats, shoes, jeans, to name just a few, are all objects that not too long ago were made by a tradesman.

Today, the majority of objects that you interact with, from within your home, office, and surroundings will be machine made. Efficiency, technology and inexpensive materials have made the handmade object the exception, and not the rule.

Our objects are not the only ones that are machine involved. As we rely more and more on screens for telling our story through social media and other digital platforms, to leave a physical legacy and a body of work is even more precious- and important.

So when you are lucky enough to hold an object made by hand, know that you are holding a legacy - in each imperfection, a trace of its maker. 

Creating is what makes us human. It's our urge to connect with others, leave a trace, perfect a skill and live beyond our years through our fabrications.

We may not live forever. Our traditions might be fading. Our kids will never know a world before screens.

But we can still be humbled by a brushstroke. 

We can still be touched by the perseverance of the artisan honing his craft, with every stroke becoming a master. 

As long as there are dreamers, there will be makers, expressing their humanity through the crafted object, and saying "I was here". 

And that, in itself, is beautiful. 


Our Philosophy

Keep it simple. Choose local. Pursue quality not perfection. Only the good stuff, always.

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