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From an illness to a business

Amazilia started from a love of street food and a sense of adventure. As any foodie will know, the price of seeking gastronomical thrills sometimes has a heavy cost. This is how one of our founders got a gastric bacteria.

Searching for a cure, he was recommended to try goat milk to soothe his acid reflux. 

Both founders searched the country for goat milk and could not find a reliable source. Being extremely curious, they thought there could be something to goat milk.

This interest morphed into their university graduate thesis in 2013. Jean and Melissa started exploring all the dairy farms in Panama and devouring any goat-related information, both local and international.

Coming from families who loved to make everything from scratch, the original idea for Amazilia was to farm dairy goats and produce goat milk cheese. During the research phase, it became apparent that cheesemaking was a large undertaking. 

A vague memory of using goat milk soap as a child sparked the interest in soapmaking. 

Youtube, trial and error, 

Our Philosophy

Keep it simple. Choose local. Pursue quality not perfection. Only the good stuff, always.

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